The Real Side Show

with Joe Messina from Los Angeles


With a lively discussion, Joe and Becca discussed some current events in the news highlighting the urgently relevant points within her most recent book: IMPACT YOUR WORLD; Empowering the Constitutional, Conservative Citizen. Part of the discussion was the importance of voting and the influence each citizen has within each state to stand and promote God-given values.

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Below: Featured  with Fred Arnold on his "Valley Industry Association" Show talking about the impact of Constiutional freedom and a successful business culture.

What an intellectually stimulating as well as fun time for all as we discussed current issues in the news including the bullying in the political arena and media. Joined by Dwight Schultz and Dr. Karen Siegemund and Dr. Jamie Glavoz (in photo) made for a great, insightful show. Thank you, Jamie!

Becca joins Fred Arnold on his show talking about her new book, IMPACT YOUR WORLD; Empowering the Constitutional, Conservative Citizen and its relevance in the business world today. When good government prevails, the business climate is healthy and vibrant! Each citizen's knowledge of their Consitutional rights empowers them to choose those who would best represent them in their city, state and nation!

Becca Keating, author, speaker and consultant, talks about her book: The Secrets of Powerful Communication; Confronting the Bully Within. This was an energetic and informative segment of the show interviewed by Dave Caldwell and Vanessa Wilk, discussing the concerns and solutions to communicating more productively and effectively!

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Radio Interview on Dr. Gina Show

on "War on Women" in Islamic Countries an around the World

Radio Interview on The Real Side

with Joe Messina, Talk Show Host

Glazov Gang TV Panel Interview

with guest host PolitiChicks CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Ann-Marie Murrell

And much, much more...


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