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For those who want to make a difference in the lives of our children, our families, our nation... buckle up!! This book will bring clarity to what is taking place in our nation, especially as it relates to education and parental rights. This book will give sound reasons for offering hope as parents take hold of their God given design to nurture and educate their children. A must read for all parents, even grandparents!

"This book bring light to the struggles we wrestle with and the unexpected trials we face. Becca shares with us the pathway to victory as she presents one encouraging message after another. No matter how dark or lonely a place you may find yourself, you'll discover pages filled with insights to help you embrace life's most challenging moments and see how God's Word brings illumination and hope to your life."

Jack Hibbs, pastor

As an American woman, Keating gives a unique and profound perspective of living under Sharia law in the Middle East. Becca finally tells her story;  A riveting and insightful book which will open yours eyes to the challenges she faced which are common to women and children of Islam. The startling reality she encounters when returning to State-side compels every reader to confront the truth about Islam and its assault on women and children, as well as on our American way of life. The subject of this book is urgently relevant, informs, and challenges our thinking regarding this "religion of peace".  Pastor Jack Hibbs says, "We must understand the true dangers of Islam and why its adherents are devoted to eliminating all Judeo-Christian influence." Therefore, this book is a must read for those wanting to impact our culture, our nation, our world!

This inspirational read will challenge as well as stimulate thought and actions. Considering the challenges in our society today, this book will give tools to be a powerful communicator within your sphere of influence, your home, your university, your city, your state, your nation. This book will clarify the reality of the founder's intent of free speech and what free speech should look like in our lives today.

For those citizens who want to make a difference in this nation, in this world, this book will encourage as well as give a solid and logical foundation for making that a reality. Inspired by our founders faithful charge and ripped from today's headlines, this urgently relevant content will inform and alert you to make educated and wise choices for you and your family. An easy but totally pertinent read exposes the power of the Constitution and the power of those faithful-based conservatives willing to rise up and stand firm. At this critical time in our nation's history, this is a must read for all who want to Impact their World!    



** If you are a parent wondering how to positively impact your children.


** If you are a teacher concerned about the future of education.


** If you are a grandparent wanting to be informed about our nation's         education climate.


** If you are a parent concerned about your child's uniqueness and how     to best teach him or her. 


** If you appreciate support and encouragement for the home schooling     family.


​Everyone will benefit from this thought provoking book. Whether you are in business or an educator, politician, social worker, soccer mom, student... really, any one who communicates with the human race. The concerns we may have about the bullying in our culture are valid. This book offers some practical ways of dealing with the bully in your life as well as the bully inside your head.
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