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Becca Keating is a powerful, contemporary voice on the frontline of politics, media and religion. Keating's urgent first-person perspective on faith and policy are ripped from today's headlines and featured on Talk-Radio, TV, and Podcasts. Author and speaker, Keating exhibits the conviction of the God-given value of every person and the tremendous potential each has to impact family, community, and country. The subject matter she brings to the table is urgently relevant. Her passion and fervency is evident in all of her books and speaking engagements.


The information in her books and speeches informs, stimulates thinking, and encourages a Godly empowering, positive response to impact culture. Becca is a graduate of the University of Arizona. Her travels throughout Europe, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and the U.S. add yet another dimension to her insight. Becca's contagious enthusiasm creates a high demand for her as a talk show guest, seminar speaker, and conference lecturer. To request an appearance with Becca as your special talk-show guest or keynote speaker, click on CONTACT to add your dates and times desired.

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